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Wildfang and Nordstrom launch gender-smashing collection

By Kristopher Fraser

May 22, 2021

Gender neutral fashion is becoming a growing trend, and Nordstrom has partnered with Wildfang to continue capitalizing on this movement. Next week, May 24, Wildfang, an inclusive brand that offers gender fluid styles will be entering an ongoing collaboration to bring gender-smashing outfits to Nordstrom’s customers. Rather than describing the clothes as gender neutral, Wildfang prefers the term gender-smashing to further the idea of breaking down the barriers around gender identity.

The new BP. + Wildfang collection features coveralls, button-ups, blazers, statement T-shirts, and accessories. Price points for the collection range from 12 dollars to 89 dollars. Sizes range from XS to 4X for full body diversity.

In addition to the collection, Nordstrom and Wildfang have been working together over the past 18 months on an immersive partnership that includes gender knowledge training for Nordstrom employees, product style/fit research, social responsibility initiatives, and marketing segmentation. The trainings are multi-faceted addressing different issues around gender identity, and have been happening over the last six months to ensure all employees are equipped to best serve customers before the product has launched in-stores or online. Through its partnership with Wildfang, Nordstrom is rethinking how they invest in the communities and groups that are most often underrepresented.

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