Pacsun releases gender free collection

Gen Z retailer, Pacsun will be releasing a spring/summer 2021 collection that embraces gender-free fashion. The genderless collection features colorful t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, sweatpants, and hoodies. “Everything that we do at Pacsun is built on youth culture, so we love to let our young community really lead the style conversation and reflect how they want to express themselves and what they feel comfortable wearing,” stated Brie Olson, chief brand officer for Pacsun, in a release. The new styles align with Pacsun’s gender-free category, which was initially introduced in September 2020. In addition, Pacsun has introduced a gender-free scholarship program with the Fashion Scholarship Fund and a new Pacsun gender-free, eco-fashion line called Colour Theory, a range of cotton-based relaxed staples.

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