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OshKosh B’Gosh Celebrates 125 Years With Limited-edition Capsule Collection

The heritage brand looks to its roots for vintage-inspired apparel for kids and adults.

By Alexandra Pastore on August 12, 2020 The collection will be available in select stores and online starting August 27. Courtesy Image. Over the last 125 years, OshKosh B’Gosh has outfitted millions of kids and multiple generations. To celebrate the major milestone, the company will release a limited-edition capsule collection with overalls and T-shirts that fit kids and adults. While OshKosh originally launched as a source of durable overalls for adult workers in 1895, the brand has since become a children’s wear line. For a brief time in 2004, the company released adult apparel, but have not held the offering since. Still, according to Jeff Jenkins, executive vice president of global marketing at Carters Inc. and Zia Taylor, vice president of design for OshKosh the denim lovers had been able to find the durable apparel in vintage stores if they were willing to pay a high price.

“We went back and looked at the history and the last time that we can find that we [offered adult sizes] was about 15 or 20 years ago,” Jenkins said. “What’s really interesting is we keep finding when you walk into any vintage shop and find the original adult Oshkosh overalls they are coming up for hundreds of dollars. Our ceo was in a shop [and saw that people were] paying $125 to $400 for adult overalls and some of the old baby overalls from OshKosh from years ago.”

Jenkins shared that the team felt the company’s large birthday was the perfect time to invite all generations to embrace the brand once again. “I think when we thought about 125th [anniversary] question was always ‘how do you celebrate,’” Jenkins said. “The brand has such amazing recall, and people just say when you say ‘OshKosh,’ they love it. It’s a very nostalgic brand and everyone has a picture of themselves in it as a kid. One of the things we started thinking about was this: it is a brand that started out making adult workwear. And we sort of said ‘How can we go back to the roots of the brand in a fun way?’”

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