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Nordstrom expanse activewear offerings and digitally led fitness gear

By Tess Stenzel

After an increase in demand for activewear, department store giant Nordstrom has introduced a dynamic site experience to better help customers.

Nordstrom’s new site features enable curated searches for active brands by activity or category, in addition to discovering fitness and wellness advice, expert tips, product and performance guides.

Users are now able to shop specific activewear linked to activities such as running, training, yoga, or hiking as well as by categories such as shoes, apparel, or gear. Additionally, users can now search for workout accessories such as Apple Watch straps and ankle weights.

Nordorm has also included an interview series with bite-sized tips from experts about products, wellness tips, performance guides, and workout plans.

Lori Marten, Nordstrom vice president, and divisional merchandise manager, stated in a release: “Our goal is to help customers discover the latest active gear for style, performance and everything in-between, and we look forward to making it easier than ever to discover everything in one place so they can look and feel their best.”

Furthermore, Nordstorm had previously announced a partnership with Tonal, a smart home gym device and personal trainer.

Tonal uses a proprietary digital weight system that generates up to 200 pounds of resistance and replicates every machine in a weight room with a fraction of the equipment. It also leverages AI to dynamically adjust the weight in real-time and give users guidance and feedback.

Customers can try the full Tonal experience firsthand in more than 40 Nordstrom locations across the US.

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