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New Activewear Collection Launches For Body Conscious Plus Size Men

PRESS RELEASE By Press ClubSep 21, 2020

Big and tall retailer, BigClothing4U, has launched a new collection of activewear for plus size men. The collection, ranging from 3XL-8XL, has been designed to fit the bigger man comfortably without the worry of it riding up or falling down when exercising. According to research, over a third of people say they feel too self-conscious to start working out at the gym, and for the larger man these feelings are amplified by that nagging question: “Is everyone judging me for my weight?”. Comprising stylish hoodies, matching t-shirts and joggers, the own branded collection ‘Uptheir’ has been expertly designed to offer ample room for larger waists, without being too baggy on the arms or legs - a defect of many scaled clothing for the big and tall market. Ben Pearson, CEO and Founder of BigClothing4U said, “For most larger men searching for the right workout gear, functionality takes precedence over style. With our latest activewear range for big and tall men, we’ve made the fit just right without compromising on style.” He continued, “I’ve been there myself, heading to the gym as a larger guy is an internal battle - wanting to lose weight, but feeling self conscious about people judging. The Uptheir range we have crafted is flattering and allows ample movement without the fear of revealing anything to fellow gym-goers.” As seen on the likes of Harvey Price and British strongman, Laurence Shahlaei, the activewear collection launches just weeks after the government’s Better Health campaign, urging the country to lose weight and protect themselves against COVID-19. The Uptheir collection is exclusively available at www.bigclothing4u.co.uk whilst stocks last.

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