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Instagram Tools: The Biggest Fashion Trends For 2020 Based On Instagram Data


Feb 4, 2020

As a continuous art form, fashion will always morph into new iterations year after year, season after season.

Our current biggest metrics for judging how successful each brand’s season is has been sales, as well as their social impact on Instagram. As a central hub for what’s going on in the industry, Instagram has become a point of new discovery as much as it has the main platform for keeping up. And with the mass amount of information on what people have engaged with on the ‘gram, I decided to compile some data from a study by hashtagsforlife.co to break down what I found to be the biggest Instagram trends heading into 2020. Check them out below:

The Rise of The DIY

Although some people think it’s practically become a meme at this point, having a DIY fashion label has genuinely become one of the bigger trends to come out of 2019 and into 2020. With Instagram, a lot of people started to discover more independent brands from individual artists that have made waves over the year, with the more unique or one-of-one something is, the more valuable it is perceived on the ‘gram. This has led to a flood of people aiming to make their own clothing line, and with many of them competing to create great material, it has had some pretty incredible results with the likes of A-list celebrities wearing their clothes. While the sustainability of this industry long-term is still being determined, so far, the results have been of the ‘strongest will survive’ mentality, with many of the opportunists looking to start a clothing line for the sake of making money being counted out before they even dive in.

Yes, 2020 is the year a lot of the best DIY fashion brands really start to hit the surface. As the industry has been bubbling for years since before Kazbah was a thing, there’s been no better time to try and stand out as a designer. And for a lot of brands, they’ve been able to rapidly build a community immediately solely based on the quality of their designs.

Ride or Tie-Dye

While considered a nostalgic take, tie-dye has started to make a rise in its comeback for 2020. Starting last summer as a big trend, tie-dye started to take off amongst the DIY community and then transferred quickly through the mainstream via the likes of Urban Outfitters and other national retailers. While it’s by-and-large still just a pattern, quality tie-dye jobs are already starting to shine through as top choices amongst consumers, especially printed with nice graphics or cool illustrations. An overall fun trend we’re happy to see back, a lot of what makes tie-dye successful is the quality of the dying and pattern to it; which, if you’re aiming to do, should follow a certain code in which the final result should look.

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