Diesel Upcycling for 55DSL Unveiled in Milan

By Luisa Zargani on February 24, 2020

The first project for the new upcycled line sees Andrea Rosso revisiting stock and prototypes from the 55DSL line that closed in 2014.

NEW LIFE: A month after presenting Diesel’s “For Responsible Living” sustainability strategy in collaboration with Eco-Age, the Italian fashion company unveiled its first Diesel Upcycling collection during Milan Fashion Week.

Andrea Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and sustainability ambassador and upcycling artistic director, as well as creative director of Diesel Licenses and of MYAR, said it was important to prove a point with a tangible sign. “We want to show that we are following up on what we communicated,” he explained at the Diesel store in Milan, ahead of the presentation, which would see tailors and seamstresses working on the upcycled pieces. A huge pile of old, discarded denim jeans lay on the ground floor of the banner.

As a first step, Rosso turned to the 55DSL brand that closed in 2014 and, using stock and prototypes, he gave new life to the pieces in a unisex collection. Wearing a 2019 55DSL checkered shirt revisited with colorful and iridescent inserts, he showed a code on the collar that provides full traceability for each design.

He highlighted the creative content of the project, as he plans to tap different designers to add their own touch to each drop, similar to Diesel’s Red Tag line.  “Upcycling can be very creative,” he contended.

The Diesel Upcycling for 55DSL will be available in 5,055 pieces — five is Renzo Rosso’s favorite and good luck number.

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