Avery Dennison Launch Aims to Usher in a New Era for Supply Chains

The venture will serve to bridge physical and digital worlds while helping to further sustainability goals and connectivity.

The atma.io connected product cloud offers a wide-ranging portfolio of modules to unlock specific use cases to help achieve business objectives like consumer engagement, operational excellence, brand protection and sustainability. The Avery Dennison Corp.’s launch of its connected product cloud, called Atma.io, promises to reimagine how supply chains operate. The Atma.io connected product cloud is an end-to-end platform that includes the capabilities to create, assign and manage unique digital identities for physical items in the real world. According to the company, Atma.io is making a debut with billions of items already tracked globally and the largest array of end-to-end use cases for consumer engagement, sustainability, brand protection and operational excellence. Notably, the Atma.io platform is already managing more than 10 billion unique items and adds 50-plus new connected products every second.

“Facing a clear need for item-level visibility and the gap in the market, Avery Dennison saw a unique opportunity to stand up a new digital venture to pioneer an industry-leading end-to-end connected product cloud,” said Francisco Melo, vice president and general manager at Avery Dennison Smartrac. “With Atma.io, Avery Dennison is now able to bridge both worlds by coupling our progressive family of digital triggers and labeling technologies with the power of data in our Atma.io platform all the way to the ‘wafer’ level.”

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