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Abercrombie, Gap and AE Center Campaigns on Individuality and Joy

Fall is a time for brands to renew their marketing messages. This year, denim—accompanied by messages of friendship, individuality and joy—is the main character of several new campaigns.

From GapKids’ sentimental back-to-school storytelling, to the personal and virtual ways teen retailers are connecting with Gen Z, here’s a look at three campaigns that help put denim back in the spotlight.

Abercrombie gets personal

Denim-clad consumers star in Abercrombie & Fitch’s new social media campaign called “Denim Your Way.”

Featuring Abercrombie customers and fans as the models, including several social media personalities and influencers, the campaign is “ode to the brand’s commitment to denim comfort and fit, the campaign is the culmination of over a year of research, fit testing and customer interviews to create the brand’s best jeans yet,” Abercrombie stated.

The diverse, body-positive campaign reflects the brand’s evolution from exclusivity to inclusivity. Abercrombie’s fall denim collection is its most inclusive yet, with women’s sizes ranging from 23-37 in lengths from extra-short to long. The women’s collection spans ’90s straight fits and skinny jeans to dad and mom styles. Ripped knees and chopped hems add a vintage, worn-in look. The collection also includes Abercrombie’s Curve Love fits, designed with extra room in the thigh and constructed to help mitigate waist gaps.

The men’s line, available sizes 28-40 with various inseam lengths, ranges from ’90s slim and straight fits to super skinny and athletic skinny fits.