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Monthly US Apparel Import Data - China vs RoW - Cotton vs MMF - Main Origins U.S. Apparel Imports: L

6 December 2019

US apparel imports from China have plunged by 35% in dollar terms in October, from their level a year earlier, as a clear sign that the Trump Tariffs have deeply disrupted the clothing market. Other origins have been negatively affected by the radical move with imports falling from most supplying countries.

The winner is not Vietnam, as widely expected, but Bangladesh, benefiting from its low-cost advantage. Our monthly review covers US apparel import data over a monthly basis, with shipments per origin in volue and value terms in latest month under review and year-to-date. Historical trends are analyzed over the 2000-2019 period, including cotton vs. man-made fiber apparel, and China vs. Vietnam and the Rest of the World (RoW).

US apparel imports from China have plunged by 30.4% in volume terms in October, from the same month a year earlier, even falling 35% in value terms.

The average unit price of Chinese shipments has declined by 6.7%.

The dramatic fall of US imports from China is evidently due to additional tariffs imposed by the United States as of September 1st.

China's share of the US import market has declined from 46.6% in volume terms in October 2018 to 38.6% a year later.

In value terms, China's share has been lowered to 27.3% only.

And the winner is... Bangladesh!

Far from benefiting other suppliers, the Trump Tariffs have negatively affected shipments from most origins.

Vietnamese shipments have fallen 7.6% in volume terms, over a rise of 6.4% in unit prices.

India, Indonesia, and Cambodia have all experienced a drop in their exports to the US.

By contrast, US imports from Bangladesh have risen 6.6% in October, even jumping by more than 10% in value terms.

Reflecting the search for duty-free imports with Chinese materials, imports from Jordan have surged 52% in volume terms in October.

Imports from all other countries outside China have fallen 3.4% in volume terms, stagnating in value terms..


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