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Amazon discloses supplier list for own brand products

E commerce giant Amazon has disclosed the names and addresses of suppliers of its Amazon-branded products, including apparel.

The 51-page document includes details of its supplier factories along with a statement from the firm underlining its commitment to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner. This, it says, includes engaging with suppliers that respect human rights, provide safe and inclusive workplaces, and promote a sustainable future.

"We engage with suppliers that are committed to these same principles. Our global teams work closely with suppliers to communicate our standards, and help suppliers build their capacity to provide safe and respectful working environments," it adds.

The move has been welcomed by human rights groups, labour rights organisations and global unions, with the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) noting the list is a "useful first step toward transparency."

"The decision by Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, sends an unambiguous message that transparency is critically important and here to stay and grow," adds Aruna Kashyap, senior women's rights counsel at Human Rights Watch. "Brands that don't publicly disclose their supply chains may not know where their products are made, making it harder to determine whether they are acting responsibly, and where the disclosure is not easily accessible, they make it difficult for workers to report labor abuses."

CCC did, however, note the list is "not easily accessible, sortable, or sufficiently specific to learn the type of products made in each of the listed facilities, limiting its value for consumers, workers, and labour advocates."

In response, an Amazon spokesperson told just-style: "People are critical to our mission of being earth's most customer-centric company. To reinforce the importance of creating a positive human impact across the globe, we created a set of Global Human Rights Principles. In line with this activity, we also disclosed a supplier list for our Amazon-branded products, including apparel, consumer electronics and home goods and will provide additional detail on social responsibility programmes in 2020."

However, the retailer recently came in for criticism after it was found to be hosting third-party sellers on its platform whose products are sourced from factories in Bangladesh that could be unsafe for workers.

A spokesperson at the time said the products were not manufactured by or for Amazon, but had been produced by and for other brands or companies and have been removed from the website.

In revealing its supplier list, Amazon joins the likes of H&M, Fast Retailing, Gap, C&A and Marks & Spencer.

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