• Fashion United/ By Simone Preuss

How influencers are changing fashion retail

With social media becoming more of a retail platform, fashion brands and retailers are well advised to take note. A 2018 study by Ofcom found that the average Britons now spend 24 hours a week online; more than twice the time they did in 2011. They also check their phone every 12 minutes, no doubt to share their experiences with peers on social platforms and to look for recommendations.

Influencers play a crucial role when it comes to shopping decisions as their reach continues to grow. In addition, social media platforms are making further enhancements and brands and retailers are adapting to them. By acknowledging the power of influencers, brands are innovativing to remain relevant in the future and are exploring to create a space that connects both the digital and the physical world. FashionUnited has put together a list of various players who contribute in shaping the influencer power in the retail business.


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