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J.C.Penney, Macy's oppose proposed tariffs on apparel, footwear

Department store operators J.C. Penney Co Inc and Macy’s Inc have opposed U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal to include apparel and footwear among the Chinese goods targeted for tariffs.

The companies warned that U.S. consumers would have to pay more as they would not be able to quickly shift sourcing from China for items listed in separate letters dated June 17 and posted online to the U.S Trade Representative. The retailer listed 26 items, ranging from women’s pullovers to Christmas ornaments, and stressed that women would be hurt disproportionately by the proposed tariffs. It said that 13 items on their priority list were apparels for women and girls. "For goodness sakes, a tax on Christmas ornaments? One wouldn't think the Administration would seek to emulate the Grinch, who left little Cindy-Lou Who with walls devoid of ornaments and 'nothing but hooks and some wire,'" J.C. Penney said in the letter. Penney’s rival Macy’s, which listed 63 priority items, said the tariffs on all types of baby garments could hurt new parents. "It is hard enough for new parents to make ends meet while changing diapers and surviving on a few hours of sleep. Is it really a good idea to impose new taxes on baby clothes?" it said in the letter. The USTR had on Monday kicked off seven days of testimony from U.S. retailers, manufacturers and other businesses about Trump’s plan to hit another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods with tariffs. The hearings will end on June 25 and the tariffs will not come into effect until after July 2, when a seven-day final rebuttal comment period ends.

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