Amazon starting drop culture with newly designed collections

The e-commerce giant wants to start new forms of shopping “Never before … and maybe never again”: With this appeal, Amazon wants to seduce customers in the future, to buy by influencers designed and available for a limited period of fashion collections on Amazon’s platform. Under the name “Amazon – The Drop”, the group has adopted a form of distribution that was characterized by wear brands such as Supreme. The goal should be to open up new segments and new target groups.

The Influencer collections should be ordered only in a period of 30 hours or less. After this period, the products would be produced on demand – also to limit overproduction and waste. Anyone who wants to be informed about new drops can do so on the website as well as via SMS and on their own Instagram account. On top of that comes an assortment of basics, which should be permanently available.

On the Amazon Drop website itself, there is currently no information about which influencers will be the inspiration for the first collections. Consistent US media reports include Paola Alberdi, Patricia Bright (1 million Instagram followers), Sierra Furtado (1.7 million Instagram followers), Emi Suzuki (1 million Instagram followers), and German Leonie Hanne (1.9 million Instagram followers, here in the OMR podcast). At least the first four will follow the official “Amazon Drop” Instagram account. A request from OMR to Leonie Hanne has so far remained unanswered. Whether male influencers may present their own collections in the future is still unknown.

Streetwear brands such as Supreme and Palace Skateboards have grown up selling in the form of drops. Following their success, various other industries are now copying the model: sports and lifestyle brands such as Adidas and luxury brands such as Burberry.

In addition, various influencers sell their own products by means of drops. Superstars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are using cosmetics and perfumes to make a huge onslaught on their online shops, super influencers like Arielle Charnas sell their own collections to major US retailers like Nordstrom and even relatively” small “regional bloggers, as in Germany, for example, Carmen Kroll and Julia Zwingenberg.

Amazon now starts both trends at once. Behind, it is also the idea to represent other forms of shopping. So far, Amazon is more likely to satisfy an already existing need. Half or more of all product searches are expected to start on Amazon in the US and Germany. But to arouse needs and create desires, the company succeeds so far rather less. The majority of young, fashion-savvy women, the “Generation Instagram”, has so far rarely been able to shop clothing on Amazon. At this point, Amazon is now using “The Drop”.


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