• WGSN / By By Maria Ameneiros

Fast fashion brands look ahead to a wellness state of mind

From beauty to fashion, tech advancements coupled with the increasing pursuit of consumer wellbeing are allowing companies to talk in an innovative way to their customers – bringing performance properties to fashion categories.

Here at WGSN, we’ve been tracking the rise of a plethora of wellness options – from healthy food and mindful sports, to brands committed to a sustainable future. Fast fashion has certainly not been immune to this culture shift, with different practices from some of the industry’s biggest players such as Zara with the initiative ‘Join Life’, ‘H&M Conscious’ or ‘Mango Committed’ to name a few.

Now, it’s OYSHO’s turn to take this initiative to the next level, in launching ¨Negative is Positive¨, a collection centered around giving the consumer an opportunity to have an effortless and refreshing sleep. Their new loungewear collection, which is made of technical innovative textiles, releases negative ions in the pursuit of wellness while we sleep.

So how does it work? Positive ions are produced by pollution and screens whereas negative ions come from natural elements and produce a very positive impact on our wellbeing. In harnessing the ability to distribute negative ions while the wearer is asleep the aim is that this will generate a positive influence even during our down time to bring about balance and an improvement in our quality of life through a better night’s sleep.

The collection is composed of soft touch pajamas that enhance a next-to-skin comfort in a clear mood of serenity and evident restorative calm. This is brought together via a gentle colour palette combining a mix of dusky cold and warm tones to show duality between positive and negative in colour block or floral prints.

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