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H&M launches loyalty shopping program

Customer loyalty programs have become a popular way for retailers to try and get returning traffic by offering frequent customers rewards and discounts. H&M, whose seen declining sales the past few quarters, has launched a loyalty program to get customers shopping more. The brand is also working with external partners, such as Drybar, to incentivize their loyal customers. H&M Member is a two-tiered program, with Member and Plus level status. The idea behind the tiered approach is to be able to reward the most loyal customers extra benefits and experiences once they achieve a certain level.

H&M launches customer loyalty program

Online or in-store fans that join the H&M Member program will enjoy a slew of rewards such as the initial sign-up offer, earn points for every dollar spent, receive personalized offers including 25 percent off of an item of their choice for their birthday, Member Days, bonus points on specific merchandise, access to special shopping events, digital receipts and free shipping on purchases over forty dollars. Once a Member earns 500 points they are shifted into Plus level which unlocks free shipping, unique events and special access to limited collections.

Currently, as part of a larger partnership with Drybar, any customer that signs up for the H&M loyalty program will also receive 20 percent off a Blowout or Dry Style service, honored at all U.S. Drybar locations nationwide. Members should also lookout for special events featuring Drybar services at select H&M locations this fall.

H&M's pretax profits fell 17 percent to 112 million dollars in the first quarter of 2019. The brand's controversies, specifically their issues of racism surrounding a monkey t-shirt, caused their business to take a hit, and now they are looking for ways to bounce back.

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