• WWD / By Kari Hamanaka on May 1, 2019

Who What Wear to Make Bid for Overseas Markets

The company is taking steps to launch its branded product internationally next year in what could help double overall sales.What could help double overall sales. LOSANGELES – Who What Wear is looking abroad for big-time growth.

The fashion web site already generates more than $100 million in sales across its commerce network in the U.S., and cofounder and chief executive officer Katherine Power thinks the business could at least double as the company lays the groundwork for a European launch next year.

“We’re going after pretty wide distribution,” Power said. “The Who What Wear brand is meant for everybody; it’s not a niche, high-end offering. So we think we have a good shot of creating that kind of volume overseas as well. It’s not going to be with one country but with many countries and many categories.”

The affordable line, launched in 2016 and sold in the U.S. in Target stores and Target.com, gained ground through its meticulous use of data to help inform designs and merchandising.

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