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C&A partners up with Bestseller in Europe

Marjorie van Elven | Tuesday, April 30 2019

Looking to expand its product offering, Dutch fast fashion retailer C&A has partnered up with Danish apparel group Bestseller to sell the brand Only in ten C&A stores in Central and Eastern Europe. The shop-in-shops, which will occupy an area of 40 square meters, will soon debut in two C&A stores in Austria, four in Poland and four in the Czech Republic.

“We live in an exciting time when old paradigms in the fashion industry are being replaced by new, innovative approaches. These include new types of marketing and strategic partnerships” said Alexander Korosec, regional director at Bestseller, in a statement. “We see this attractive product range as a very good complement to our existing product range”, added Norbert W. Scheele, who as director of country at C&A Austria & Central Europe, in the same press release.

The two companies did not disclose whether they intend to expand their partnership to other European regions (C&A is present in 18 European countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Italy).

Earlier this year, C&A’s former CEO Alain Caparros said that the retailer intends to improve its image in Europe by teaming up with other companies. The first of these collaborations debuted in October, 2018, when C&A added products from denim brand Mustang to 60 of its stores in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Austria.

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