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H&M launches product transparency for all garments on its website

Marjorie van Elven | Tuesday, April 23 2019

More and more consumers are demanding fashion companies to be transparent about where and how their clothes are made, as they find transparency is key for a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry. H&M is the latest company to take steps in that direction: the brand’s website now contains extended details about every single garment on sale, from the materials used to the production company, as well as factory names and addresses.

We are so proud to be the first global fashion retailer of our size to launch this level of product transparency”, added Isak Roth, Head of Sustainability at H&M, in a press release. “By being open and transparent about where our products are made we hope to set the bar for our industry and encourage customers to make more sustainable choices”.

The new feature is available from today on all H&M’s 47 local websites. Those who shop in one of H&M’s physical stores can access the same information by scanning the price tag of a product using H&M’s online app.

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