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Arket to expand its store network to 20 stores in 2019

After launching in the summer of 2017 with stores in five European cities, H&M’s unique fashion brand Arket, which sells everything from fashion, home decor, coffee, flowers and stationery, has expanded its presence with 17 standalone spaces. Two further openings are planned for early 2019.

Arket is opening a new store in Antwerp - Arket The brand, headquartered in Stockholm, is currently represented in six countries. Its largest market is clearly the UK, where it operates six stores including a recently opened location at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham. On 7 December, the opening of the brand’s second site in Sweden, in Gothenburg (at 39 Östra Hamngatan), followed. Shortly after, the label unveiled its third store in Germany at 11 Mönckebergstraße in Hamburg.

The next development will come in spring, when Arket will open an online shop for the Norwegian market. Around the same time, a second Belgian store is set to open in Antwerp. Joining a further site in Brussels, the new shop will be located in the city centre at 38 Huidevetterstraat adjacent to Zara.

The Arket cafe offers everything from coffee and tea to healthy lunch options - Arket/Instagram The brand also wants to gain a foothold in Luxembourg, as newly listed vacancies suggest. In France, Arket operates an online store, but no physical locations. With a clear Scandinavian aesthetic, Arket aims to provide "qualitative and sustainable basics", including wardrobe essentials and more exclusive designs. Its more upmarket look and feel is supported by a higher price point, sitting closer to Cos than H&M.

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