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Diversity-focused tights brand Snag sees fast growth

Snag, a new Scottish online tights brand, has reportedly turned a profit in its first year of trading and expects to report over £2 million in revenues.

The brand, launched by entrepreneur Brie Read in 2018 to provide more choice for customers of all sizes, is expecting full-year turnover to hit £2.2 million. In an interview with The Scotsman, the founder and chief executive said the start-up has resonated with customers around the world for offering tights that vary both in width as well as in length. In its inaugural year, the business has already served 50,000 customers in 25 countries. “We only market in the UK, so international growth has been through word of mouth,” Read told the Scottish newspaper. “I think it’s a combination of a few things. One, there’s a real need for the product and, secondly, we’ve been really size positive in the way that we’ve done all of the marketing. We think of it as a co-owned brand between the customers and ourselves. We’ve had a huge response to the way that we talk to people. “We’ve had feedback from people saying they don’t see people like themselves in advertising and that its been really refreshing to see that. It’s amazing to see yourself represented. Rather than marketing being so aspirational, it’s now much more about being relatable to people.” Read founded the business after realising that different tights sizes were just different lengths, and that many women couldn’t find tights that fit. The brand has sold around £130,000 pairs of tights and enjoyed a 78% increase in revenue on a month-on-month basis in December.

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