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Selena Gomez launches first Puma line, focus on girl strength

Selena Gomez isn’t only the face of Coach and her other big fashion-related gig was in the forefront on Wednesday: Puma announced that she’s designed a collection for the sports label to launch next month (December 12).

It’s her first collection created for the brand which said that it’s “not just a collection, but also a statement of strength and confidence for today’s girls.”

It added that the “one-of-a-kind assortment that has ‘strength’ stitched into every piece. [It] uses the legacies of strong women from the past to create classic pieces for today’s girl.”

Its name is ‘Strong Girl’ and it features “confident colours and bold silhouettes with the intention of helping girls stand out from the crowd.”

And we’re told it’s “a well-thought out balance of femininity and modern edge. Sport and fashion. The collection features the many different tastes and styles that appeal to both the strong girl’s personality, as well as her day-to-day hustles.”

A star piece is the SG Runner, a new shoe, that’s lightweight with a knitted upper, high rebound EVA and “nods to the style of the 80s and 90s with design touches that give it an easy, LA vibe.”

Additionally, “the Defy story continues” with the Defy Mid x SG. The bootie-cut training shoe features a black metal buckle, a rose-gold plated chain, and a textured knitted upper.

The apparel and accessories feature “colours Selena wears most in her daily life: black, white and grey. In addition, hidden ‘strong girl’ inspirational messages add a nice surprise on certain pieces.”

The collection as a whole is comprised of “key pieces meant for layering, mixing and matching, and transitioning from different moods and settings. Many design choices are a nod to 1992, the year Selena was born. Though the apparel is grounded in running and training design, there is an intentional fashion focus. The collection boasts an amazing sense of flexibility and is meant to be played with in different ways. “

The campaign for the launch features “a powerhouse team” including artist Dana Veraldi’s creative direction that “playfully enhanced the packaging and campaign imagery with her illustrations. Photographer Katie McCurdy shot the images and Gomez’s “closest girlfriends, strong women who surround her every day” are the stars with Connar Franklin, Raquelle Stevens, Courtney J Barry, Caroline Franklin and Theresa Marie Mingus all joining Gomez for the shoot.

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