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Jakarta’s 2019 minimum wage set at Rp 3.9 million

The Jakarta administration announced on Thursday the 2019 minimum wage, which has been set at Rp 3.94 million (US$260), as stated in Gubernatorial Regulation No. 114/2018.

The figure is around 8 percent increase from the current minimum wage of Rp 3.6 million.

The announcement took place simultaneously with other regions across the country, as suggested by Manpower Ministerial Regulation No. 7/201 on the minimum wage.

In a written statement published on the city’s official website, the Jakarta administration also cited its program to improve workers’ welfare in the city through the Kartu Pekerja, or worker’s card.

The program is aimed at helping low-income workers to cut their expenditure especially on transportation, household needs and education.

In order to get the card, workers whose monthly income is equal to or 10 percent higher than the minimum wage should submit an application to the city administration. The application should include copies of their ID card (KTP), family card (KK), tax number (NPWP), a salary slip and an official letter from their employer.

“The application can be submitted to the Manpower Agency or sub-agencies or through union representatives,” the statement read.

Under the program, the card holder will be able to use Transjakarta buses for free. The card also provides subsidies for basic household needs in city-owned traditional markets and allowances for their children’s education.

The education subsidy ranges from Rp 250,000 per month for an elementary school pupil to Rp 1.8 million per semester for older students. (vla)

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