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Asos to expand genderless offerings

Genderless fashion appears to be more than just a trend, it's here to say. Just ask Asos, which has just launched an entire genderless fashion division. The site, which is popular among younger millennials and members of Gen-Z, is going after the market for those who don't want or care if their clothes are categorized as male or female, or those who are looking to shop and identify outside of the traditional gender binary.

“We look through the eyes of customers,” Asos chief executive officer Nick Beighton said on a call with reporters Wednesday as the company reported strong profits. Members of Generation Z, who are now coming of age, “choose to be free to select their fashion the way they want.”

Asos has launched a new campaign to promote their genderless category called "Collusion", where many of the outfits are worn by two different models to show gender fluidity.

The campaign featured social media influencers with large followings, as is the way to get Generation-Z to buy anything nowadays. Business of Fashion reported that in its first week of sales in October, Collusion was the number four brand out of 850 Asos labels.

When genderless apparel first appeared on the scene, there was question over whether or not it would be profitable, or just a niche category. Now, buyers and customers demand for it has grown, and for companies like ASOS, it's profitability was quickly proven. As Gen-Z becomes less concerned with rather or not their clothes are men's and women's, but, rather, just clothes, the category only stands to grow bigger.

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