Trump calls on EU to lower tariff on US cars

US President Donald Trump has held talks on trade with European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Trump strongly urged the EU to lower the 10 percent tariff it imposes on US automobiles if it wants to avoid being hit with higher tariffs on autos and auto parts the bloc exports to the United States. Trump deems it unfair that the EU duties are 7.5 percent higher than those the United States charges on imports from the bloc, citing the need to protect the domestic auto industry. At the beginning of the talks at the White House, Trump told Juncker that his country's trade deficit with the European Union has accumulated to an annual 100 billion dollars over the years. He said he would be happy to see the tariffs lowered to zero, which will do away with trade barriers and subsidies. Juncker in reply said the EU and United States are close partners, allies, and not enemies. He said they have to work together and focus on reducing tariffs, not increasing them. The two leaders do not plan to jointly meet reporters after the talks, so the details of their discussions will not be disclosed. But the talks have fast caught the attention of the Japanese auto industry, which will be affected greatly by their outcome.

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