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Asket garments to carry full traceability labels

Swedish menswear brand Asket is taking a leap towards transparency in its supply chain by disclosing each step of its garments' journey from cotton seed to final product – and putting the information into every single item of clothing.

The Stockholm-based company, known for unconventional activities such as closing down its store on Black Friday, inviting customers to view factories or disclosing the average salaries of employees, will replace the conventional 'Made In' labels in its garments with an entirely new one.

"For years now the #FashRev [Fashion Revolution] movement has been encouraging customers to ask for more information and brands and suppliers to provide it. Unfortunately, the real problem prevails – the information on where and how our garments are made isn't readily available. We still need to ask for it," says Asket co-founder August Bard Bringéus.

"Technically garments are always 'Made In' one single country. Practically that's never the full story. So we're replacing the conventional 'Made In' labels in our garments with an entirely new label, putting the full answer to the question #WhoMadeMyClothes right where it needs to be: in our garments."

While Asket acknowledges uncovering every step of production and replacing the labels in every garment will take time, it has already succeeded in tracing one of its essentials – The Oxford Shirt – back to the cotton farm. It says the rest of the 16-piece permanent collection is in good progress.

"We've been unconventionally transparent from the start, but it's only now that we're really asking all the questions. By the end of the year, we want every garment to be 100% traceable. Our hope is to inspire more brands to follow. Setting a higher standard for transparency forces us to consider the true cost of the garments we make and buy," Bringéus adds.

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