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H&M's new brand Nyden unveils first pieces

As it orchestrates the launch of its new brand, Nyden, the H&M group has chosen to space out the release of its first pieces. The millennial-targeted label is something of a laboratory for the Swedish company, seeing as it will start as an online exclusive, before moving on to incorporate pop-ups.

The first Nyden capsule has been unveiled online and is currently available for pre-order before its official launch on April 3. The collection is made up of a series of five t-shirts for women and four for men, each featuring different graphic riffs on the brand's name which appears in a font reminiscent of a heavy metal band on one piece, or as graffiti scrawled across a poster on another.

The collections's streetwear influences are evident, and the cut of the pieces seems somewhat irrelevant, as the real purpose of these garments appears to be to spotlight Nyden's launch in itself. One of the pieces even features the words "Nyden pre launch". Each cotton t-shirt is made in Turkey and priced at 60 euros.

Three more pre-order events are already in the calendar, and the brand has been posting enigmatic teaser videos across social media, particularly on Instagram and Youtube. Head of Nyden Oscar Olsson is hoping to gradually build up a community of fans for the label and, of course, to ensure its growth in a different space to that of the H&M brand. Nyden differs from the H&M group's flagship brand both in terms of its higher pricing and its online distribution model, and can be seen as an integral part of the Swedish group's efforts to diversify its portfolio in the hopes of adapting to current shifts and shake-ups in the apparel market, which, now more than ever, is focused on digital channels.

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