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Beyoncé’s Ivy Park campaign focuses on female strength through diverse cast

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park brand has released its spring/summer ad campaign, “Strong Beyond Measure“, with the launch on International women’s day underlining the message of female strength that is coming from the activewear and athleisure label.

The campaign “champions the collective strength of women all over the world”, with Beyoncé recognising how “an active and health-conscious lifestyle can help women realise their goals on the sports field, in their chosen industries, or as caregivers at home.”

The video campaign was shot at South London’s Crystal Palace Sports Centre by director Jonas Lindstroem, and features a diverse cast of talent and up and coming athletes.

They include, among others, runner and sprinter Risqat Fabunmi-Alade, who trains six days a week; singer-songwriter IAMDDB who’s known for her “urban jazz”; and model Molly Smith, who was scouted outside Topshop Oxford Circus when she was 13. There’s also a heptathlete, and a group of cheerleaders from charitable group Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders, a hugely successful youth initiative that started as a way to keep young people off the streets via an activity that promotes fitness and social interaction.

They all underline the Ivy Park view that “there is an activity for every person and every body type and that the capabilities achieved through sport can positively impact every aspect of women’s lives”.

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