Mineral-Based Fabric Technology Celliant Enhances Performance Apparel

The fabric technology Celliant is categorized as a “responsive” textile.

Hologenix, a technology company that manufactures the mineral-based yarn and textile Celliant, said it created the first-ever yoga pant and shirt embedded with capabilities to improve blood flow for faster recovery times. Celliant is a proprietary textile technology made of a natural blend of minerals that recycles the body’s own energy.

The technology is based on the foundation that athletic performance and recovery are enhanced by an increase in blood flow and circulation to muscle tissues. Micron-size particles embedded in Celliant’s fabric yarns and textiles absorb and reflect light and body heat, which transforms the energy into infrared light that the body can absorb, according to the company. The infrared light then expands capillaries, which attracts oxygen to the area. Celliant said its yarns create “responsive” textiles, which is described as “a material that interacts with the body by recycling its natural energy emissions to improve function and performance of the user.”

Its yoga pants and shirts, which initially debuted at Première Vision’s September show in Paris, are made of Celliant and U.S. grown organic cotton blend with stretch jersey fabric, all supplied by Cotton USA, Deer Creek Fabrics and Hemmer Design, the company said. Celliant is used in various performance apparel products, as well as sheets and duvets — it is designated as a Class I medical device in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.

Trenton Horinek of Celliant explained that “fabrics containing FDA-determined Celliant use patented fiber technology to aid in faster recovery from strain and stress by increasing tissue oxygenation and boosting blood flow back into the muscle.” Horinek continued, “Celliant is a responsive textile that helps your body. Our product is embedded with minerals that absorb your body heat, converting it into infrared energy, which is extremely useful for the human body. The biggest benefit is creating blood flow, and we’re now an FDA-determined medical device so you can say on your packaging your product increases blood flow and energy, boosts performance and speeds muscle recovery.”

Jenn Sarter, spokesperson for Cotton USA, said, “We know consumers want more from their everyday performance wear, and combining U.S. cotton with technology such as Celliant will elevate everything from yoga pants to your favorite shirt. The premium value and quality of cotton from the U.S. enhances the appeal of these concepts with consumers — that’s why we’ll continue to bring new promotional displays like this to the forefront to inspire innovation across the industry.”

Cotton USA said it will exhibit its first collection of “home good promotional displays” at the Heimtextil show in Germany in January 2018 and will debut its next collection at Première Vision’s Paris show in spring 2018.

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