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Amazon reports biggest Cyber Monday sales ever, up 30% over last year

Amazon said on Wednesday that Cyber Monday this year was the the single biggest shopping day in the company's history, with 30% growth over last year. Small businesses alone sold nearly 140 million items globally that day.

Cyber Monday 2017 has now beat out Prime Day 2017 as the largest-volume day in the company's history. Amazon App sales were up 50% over last year globally. Amazon reports that customers shopped at record levels during the 'Turkey 5' (the five days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday). Customers ordered "hundreds of millions of products from toys to fashion to electronics and Amazon devices," said Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer at Amazon. The top selling item on Cyber Monday was Amazon's Echo Dot. AncestryDNA was also one of the top selling products on Cyber Monday this year. Vineet Mehra, EVP & CMO of Ancestry, said the company sold "700 percent more kits in one day than the entire holiday period last year." In addition to Cyber Monday breaking records for Amazon, it broke company sales records for small businesses and entrepreneurs who sell on Amazon's marketplace. Small businesses reported exponential sales growth on Amazon over previous Cyber Mondays.

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