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Under Armour partners with Redwave for sleepwear collection

Under Armour and Redwave Global, a Pittsburgh-based science technology company, announced on Tuesday a new partnership to launch restorative apparel nationwide.

The collaboration introduces Athlete Recovery Sleepwear to the market, which is available now on the Under Armour website. Redwave utilizes Far Infrared to create men’s and women’s recovery sleepwear pieces, including t-shirts, henleys, pants and shorts. Far Infrared possesses physiological benefits that help athletes rest, recover and rebuild their muscles. The technology company began creating apparel with infrared after witnessing its benefits in several studies. "By harnessing the physiological benefits of Far Infrared, we created therapeutic apparel able to improve health as it's worn – making recovering from an all-out effort faster, easier, and more efficient," said Dr. Alan Letton, Chair of the Technology Committee of the Board. Under Armour launched the first collection of wearable recovery pieces in January 2017 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Baltimore-based company currently offers athlete recovery sleepwear and bedding.

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