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Amazon set to launch in Australia soon

It's no secret that Amazon is on a quest for global retail domination. Their next target in their quest is Australia. While Amazon did not give a specific date, they are hoping to roll out in the country by this year's holiday season.

Rocco Braeuniger, Amazon's country manager for Australia, told 600 prospective merchants at an open day they are very, very close to rolling out Amazon.com Inc. for Australia. Earlier this year, Amazon announced their plans to expand to Australia, and according to Braeuniger thousands of sellers already plan on being part of their latest endeavor.

Australian customers are already able to purchase off of Amazon from other Amazon sites that offer international shipping, but having a local Amazon warehouse would severely reduce international shipping costs.

Amazon plans on running its marketplace service where vendors use Amazon's platform but handle their own sales, but they also plan on having their own retail unit.

Australia has become a major target for retail growth. Many tech companies are looking there to expand their businesses. The mega corporation certainly isn't slacking with their plans for rolling out business. In August, they acquired a distribution center in Melbourne. According to Forbes, Amazon's sales in Australia currently amount to 1 billion dollars. While Australia isn't expected to be a major stream for revenue growth, they will be an integral part of Amazon's continued global retail expansion.

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