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Mission launches latest Hailee Steinfeld campaign/line, bigger focus on fashion

Reports of athleisure’s demise seem to be premature as more companies are launching product that bridges the performance/lifestyle divide. And even those with a performance profile are emphasising their fashion credentials.

The latest is Mission, a major performance apparel and accessories brand with a focus on temperature control technologies. It has unveiled its autumn/winter campaign starring brand ambassador Hailee Steinfeld.

A continuation of the partnership first announced in April, the company’s newest line has “a more fashion-forward approach, echoing the actress’s inspiring personal style,” it said yesterday.

Founder and CEO Josh Shaw said that for the second collection and campaign, “we wanted to maintain our brand’s technology DNA, and elevate the design and versatility of the line.”

To do that it expanded its popular performance styles with a “bold palette, and introduced new pieces infused with thermal fleece to keep you warm during outdoor workouts.”

But the company is maintaining its performance outlook, using its patented 37.5 tech, which is claimed to quickly evaporate and removes sweat, and soft thermal fleece. New pieces for the season include full-length leggings, long sleeve layering tops, fleece and “sleek” outerwear.

The company said the look for the 16-piece women’s collection was inspired “by the contrast of dark and light, reflectivity and angular lines.”

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