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Ross and Kohl's join Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Ross Stores has donated $400,000 and Kohl's has donated $500,000 to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

Ross Stores has the highest concentration of its stores in Texas in the path of Hurricane Harvey. It reported a 2% drop in sales after previous large storms including Gustav, Ike and Hanna. Reports are not yet in on how seriously sales were affected by Harvey. In addition to its donation, Ross is raising funds in store from August 31st through September 16th by offering customers the opportunity to make a secure donation at the register. This option is available at all 1,300 Ross Dress for Less stores and 200 DD's Discounts locations across the country. Barbara Rentler, Ross Stores Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Ross Stores is committed to helping those in need, especially in the local communities where we operate our stores. We offer our heartfelt sympathies and thoughts to everyone who has been impacted by this devastating storm." Kohl's has had to close 25 locations across Texas and two in Louisiana in response to the storm. The company is currently assessing damage and determining when the stores can reopen. Kohl's has also stepped up their support. In addition to their $500,000 cash donation to the American Red Cross, the company is offering $1 million dollars in support to associates severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. The company will actively monitor recovery and is open to the possibility of offering additional financial support to victims. Michelle Gass, Kohl’s Chief Merchandising and Customer Officer said, "We are grateful to be in the position to provide financial support to aid in emergency relief services... Our hearts are with the people of Texas and across the Gulf Coast.” Kohl's is also encouraging its employees to volunteer in relief efforts to help those affected by the storm. Since 2001, Kohl's has donated $7 million dollars to the American Red Cross to help in natural disaster relief efforts. Estimates for damage caused by Hurricane Harvey continue to increase. The storm has left over 50 inches of water on the ground. Projections exceed $40 billion in damages from the storm and its after effects. Many organizations working on the ground in Houston, including the American Red Cross, have come forward saying that the best way to help at this time is to donate funds.

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