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Dick’s closing Chelsea Collective women’s boutiques after just two years

Chelsea Collective, the US women’s fitness, fashion and lifestyle boutique launched by Dick’s Sporting Goods, is closing after just two years.

A message posted on the retail giant’s Facebook page stated: “Chelsea Collective is closing on August 6. Thank you for being a loyal customer! Please visit our partner, Dick’s Sporting Goods, for your fitness and fashion needs.”

Dick’s launched the brand in 2015 with stores in Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh, and Tysons Corner Center in Virginia.

Named after the neighbourhood in New York, the concept aimed to “fuse fitness and fashion to serve women who are on the cutting edge of new trends and have a variety of fitness interests”.

At launch, the concept’s SVP Lauren Hobart called it a “destination for women who are on their own personal fitness journeys; a store where they can come in and feel part of a community that understands them and their needs… we feel Chelsea Collective will meet and exceed this active woman’s expectations.”

The company, which operates almost 700 US stores, has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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