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Target and Walmart come out ahead over Amazon for back to school shoppers

A new consumer study showed younger shoppers will do their back to school shopping online at Target and Walmart instead of Amazon.

In a recent study released by retail app platform Branding Brand, 64% of customers aged 18-24 said they would shop at Target and Walmart for their back to school needs. Amazon only received 50% of the consumer vote, despite consumers saying they would be shopping online.

Branding Brand surveyed 1,000 millennial consumers in America over a three day period in June. The results of the study also revealed that four out of five shoppers or 80% plan to purchase online this year. Over half plan to purchase on mobile platforms using their smartphones. Smartphone technology will also factor into payment platforms. 18% of those surveyed said they plan to use Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. The study also revealed information that relates to the timing of back to school launches. Branding Brand found that over half the consumers will not begin shopping until August. Meanwhile, 14% of consumers were already done with their spending in June. July is historically a quiet time for retail. The survey suggests that August or even September back to school launches may have more favorable timing than July ones as consumers are not in the market mid-summer. The Branding Brand study shows a different story than an Amazon-led survey from last year. In 2016 Amazon found that almost 3/4 of those it surveyed would shop on its site compared to half at Target and 42% at Walmart. The change in consumer preferences may be in part to improved online consumer experience on Target and Walmart's ecommerce sites. Target's dorm room planner and Walmart's purchases of authentic brands and improved online assortment are resonating with millennials. The survey data was collected online by Branding Brand from June 21-23, 2017.

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