Fast Fashion, Ath-leisure Lead in Monthly Earned Media Value

Though Zara and Revolve still lead the stats, Farfetch and Yeezy are climbing the ranks.

Retailers and brands honed in on influencer activations during April, Tribe Dynamics’ Earned Media Value report confirmed. Influencers are continuing to wield the most control over fast fashion and ath-leisure categories, but trend-driven and buzz-worthy brands like Yeezy and e-commerce marketplace Farfetch are entering the rankings marking there might be a consumer change-shift in the works.

Earned media value is a prescribed metric that quantifies the approximated value of publicity garnered through digital engagement levels. Tribe Dynamics then assigns a dollar value to each content item that’s based on perceived value of digital word-of-mouth to brands within the fashion industry.

Of non-luxury apparel, Zara topped the ranking with 105 year-over-year growth that resulted in almost $74.7 million in EMV. Adidas landed in the second spot, securing a 110 percent year-over-year increase that was realized in approximately $68.2 million in EMV. Nike rounded up the top three, posting 91 percent growth and over $54.6 million EMV.

In addition to the regular players — H&M, Topshop, Forever 21 — Yeezy and Ray-Ban also made appearances in the top 10. Yeezy boasted the highest percentage of year-over-year growth of the bunch, driving 336 percent increases. It appears consumers weren’t deterred by a disastrous September 2016 fashion show — or the flat-lining collection that was displayed in February.

Shoppers still want their sneakers, bad fashion show reviews or not. “Many Yeezy fans camped out overnight to secure their pair, while others entered giveaways organized by Hypebeast’s HBX fashion outlet. The full Boost line dominated conversation about Yeezy throughout the month, with content tagged #yeezyboost driving a significant $6.3 million of the brand’s $20.5 million EMV total,” the report said.

The retail ranking drew some similarities to the non-luxury sector. Revolve, Asos and Nordstrom comprised the top three. Influencer magnet Revolve, however, posted a drop — negative three percent — in EMV year-over-year. It was a small reduction that didn’t affect its top post though; it maintained nearly $48.1 million in EMV.

Despite its bottom position, Farfetch accrued the largest annual increase — its EMV improved by 94 percent. “The online platform proved popular among the influencer community, with numerous fashionistas crediting the retailer in their outfit spotlight posts,” said the report. Farfetch’s success also suggests a transition in shopper preferences, opting for marketplace formats and lured by 90-minute delivery options in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

April 2017 Non-Luxury Apparel Top 10 EMV and Growth

  1. Zara: 105 percent growth, $74,697,620 EMV

  2. Adidas: 110 percent growth, $68,181,868 EMV

  3. Nike: 91 percent growth, $54,627,884 EMV

  4. H&M: 37 percent growth, $42,256,585 EMV

  5. Fashion Nova: 153 percent growth, $26,314,883 EMV

  6. Levi Strauss & Co.: 44 percent growth, $23,733,403 EMV

  7. Forever 21: 2 percent growth, $22,301,857 EMV

  8. Topshop: 2 percent growth, $22,183,329 EMV

  9. Yeezy: 336 percent growth: $20,540,353 EMV

  10. Ray-Ban: 12 percent growth: $18,762,503 EMV

April 2017 Fashion Retailers Top 10 EMV and Growth

  1. Revolve: -3 percent growth, $48,078,489 EMV

  2. Asos: 69 percent growth, $37,931,435 EMV

  3. Nordstrom: 23 percent growth, $23,973,840 EMV

  4. Urban Outfitters: 7 percent growth, $15,281,580 EMV

  5. Macy’s: 37 percent growth, $6,514,156 EMV

  6. Shopbop: 14 percent growth, $6,174,597 EMV

  7. Net-a-porter: 83 percent growth, $5,912,438 EMV

  8. Anthropologie: -27 percent growth, $5,127,503 EMV