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Asos Facing Body-Shaming Backlash for UK Sizing Label

Asos Facing Body-Shaming Backlash for UK Sizing Label | Teen Vogue

ASOS is facing backlash after labeling a UK size 10 (which is roughly equivalent to a US size 6) as “large.” The specific item in question that was categorized as such is a pair of shorts from Pull&Bear. The shorts are high-waisted floral shorts with a ruffle hem and ring in at $26.

ASOS has since responded via Twitter with a statement that reads “Sorry for the confusion. We had a technical glitch which meant certain Pull&Bear sizes weren’t represented properly.” The changes have since been reflected in all of their Pull&Bear offerings. Now, a UK size 10 reads as a “medium,” while a “large” is categorized as a UK size 12.

Regardless of the change, however, people on Twitter are responding to the initial callout of Asos by user @GrrlGhost, with statements about body-shaming. Many made comments directly about ASOS and Pull&Bear, while others simply added to the dialogue about body positivity and empowerment of the female body, shape, and size.

Pull&Bear, an affordable fashion brand that is run by Inditex (also the owners of Zara and Mango, among others), sells the same product on their own website and their sizing seems to be consistent to that which ASOS has now modified its products to reflect.

At the same time, who decided whether a size is "medium" or "large" anyway? Perhaps brands should take a play out of lingerie brand Neon Moon'splaybook, in which they use empowering body-positive words and are attempting to abolish the standard sizing system altogether.

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