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‘Gen Active’ loves to work out, and loves to look good while they’re doing it – survey

Do people work out because they feel they must or do they do it because they love it?

The answer would seem to be the latter with a new survey from Great Blue Research showing 76% of fitness-conscious Americans (or Generation Active as they’ve been dubbed) would still work out even if they could be fit and healthy without doing so.

The survey, which spoke to over 2,500 members of the 100m-strong Generation Active, was commissioned by gym content provider Zoom, which said six of the 11 top reasons for working out are not physical. They include stress relief, relaxation, better quality of life in the future, improved mental state, desire to live longer and feeling healthier. Across all age groups, the number one reason they workout is a desire to stay active as they age.

On average, respondents participate in four different types of workouts weekly and 56% made health or fitness-related resolutions this year. Among the top resolutions were getting more sleep, moving more during the work day, trying a new type of exercise and starting to meditate.

And importantly, the way people look when they’re working out really matters, which is perhaps no surprise given that improving your physique/figure is a key reason for getting fit. It’s the second major reason for working out with a score of 56%.

In fact, more men than women say it’s important to look their best while working out and that they try to look as fashionable as possible when doing so.

And 77% of respondents wear athletic apparel when not working out too, suggesting the athleisure trend is nowhere near to fading. Interestingly, while 70% of Millennials say they’re generally comfortable in their workout clothing for everyday life, 55% of older people agree too. That said, while 63% of Millennials would wear their gym gear for non-gym active like running errands, only 46% of older people would do so. And only 23% of Millennials think athletic apparel is suitable for ‘going out’ while an even smaller 15% agree in the older group.

So what else did we learn? Some 91% report feeling energised/happy during or after a workout and only 5% said they feel that way before a workout so the action of exercising is obviously having a beneficial effect on their mental state and making them feel much more positive about life, which is, perhaps, a marketing opportunity.

And an overwhelming majority favour traditional health clubs over boutique fitness centres, especially when it comes to amenities, equipment, variety and quality of classes, and achieving the best overall workout.

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