Zara, Gucci Top List of Brands Ranked by Earned Media Value

In Tribe Dynamics’ monthly earned media value report, which highlights the top luxury brands’, third-party retailers’ and non-luxury brands’ accrual of digital media and respective engagement, Zara, Gucci and Asos took top positions in the rankings for February.

Several brands such as Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 experienced year-over-year declines in EMV.

Tribe Dynamics measures EMV by the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media. The agency then assigns a dollar value to each piece of content based on the perceived of digital word-of-mouth to brands. Posts from influencers, brands, retailers and publications are reviewed from blogs, web sites and social media platforms and the correlating engagement that includes commenting, Tweets, favorites, likes, shares and video views among others.

The report showed many brands continuing to captivate and grow online audiences. Clocking in the first position for non-luxury brands was Zara, which boasted a 118 percent year-over-year increase at over $77 million in EMV.

Second in the category was Adidas, which secured an 80 percent rise in EMV totaling over $68 million. The report attributes some of the success to the collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Interestingly, Nike had a larger year-over-year growth than Adidas, but it wasn’t enough to bump its competitor out of the second position — it collected nearly $56 million in EMV. It should also be noted that the dominance of ath-leisure likely propelled the two activewear brands into the top spots.

Challenges were mostly reflected within the third-party retailer and luxury segments. Though the top three — Asos, Nordstrom and Revolve — were all in the black, the fourth retailer, Urban Outfitters fell 18 percent over the year in EMV. The reported asserted that Nordstrom partly credited to the battle between itself and Ivanka Trump and her outspoken father. Another retailer under the UO umbrella suffered a loss as well. Anthropologie, number seven on the list, plummeted 45 percent year-over-year. This confirms the current challenges both retailers have encountered as they’ve recently opened new brick-and-mortar locations in efforts to bolster current business.

Within the luxury category, the influence of Alessandro Michele’s popularity was evident — Gucci was catapulted to the first position featuring a 115 percent growth in EMV, totaling more than $61 million — more than Nike’s EMV.

Chanel fell one percent year-over-year and posted an EMV of just over $46 million. Rounding out the top three was Dior, which accumulated a 49 percent annual increase at nearly $43 million in EMV. As with the third-party retailers, the fourth position displayed a negative turn. Saint Laurent dropped 12 percent, settling at almost $33.5 million in EMV.

February 2017 Top 10 Non-Luxury Brands, Year-Over-Year Growth, Earned Media Value

Rank/Brand/Year-Over-Year Change/EMV

  1. Zara: 118 percent, $77,160, 552

  2. Adidas: 80 percent, $68,206, 146

  3. Nike: 88 percent, $55,734,576

  4. H&M: 56 percent, $39,478,290

  5. Topshop: 9 percent, $28,230,288

  6. Tommy Hilfiger: 21 percent, $21,124,519

  7. Fashion Nova: 19 percent, $18,511,729

  8. Forever 21: -21 percent, $17,456,971

  9. Calvin Klein: 9 percent, $16,649,272

  10. Victoria’s Secret: 22 percent, $16,627,951

February 2017 Top 10 Third-Party Retailers, Year-Over-Year Growth, Earned Media Value

Rank/Brand/Year-Over-Year Change/EMV

  1. Asos: 59 percent, $36,230,770

  2. Nordstrom: 100 percent, $35,842,769

  3. Revolve: 95 percent, $15,293,930

  4. Urban Outfitters: -18 percent, $14,044,508

  5. Macy’s: 33 percent, $6,552,699

  6. Net-a-porter.com: 69 percent, $5,965,934

  7. Anthropologie: -45 percent, $5,338,578

  8. Neiman Marcus: 27 percent, $5,180,799

  9. Shopbop: 37 percent, $3,746,036

  10. Saks Fifth Avenue: 12 percent, $3,058,669

February 2017 Top 10 Luxury Brands, Year-Over-Year Growth, Earned Media Value

Rank/Brand/Year-Over-Year Change/EMV

  1. Gucci: 115 percent, $61,798,514

  2. Chanel: -1 percent, $46,082,425

  3. Dior: 49 percent, $42,288,157

  4. Saint Laurent: -12 percent, $33,483,712

  5. Dolce & Gabbana: 130 percent, $28,277,158

  6. Marc Jacobs: 13 percent, $27,277,58

  7. Versace: 159 percent, $24,057,986

  8. Louis Vuitton: 46 percent, $23,863,135

  9. Givenchy: 67 percent, $20,108,284

  10. Valentino: 20 percent, $18,553,666

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