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Amazon just launched a toy subscription service to help kids learn

It can be difficult to walk the line between fun and educational when buying toys for a kid.

Educational content is important, but if it's boring it could potentially turn the kid off from an entire subject.

Amazon is hoping to make your options more clear by introducing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) toy subscription service.

For $20 (plus available taxes), subscribers will receive one age-appropriate toy that will "encourage your child to learn through play."

These aren't exclusive toys, but Amazon has said that their editors "work closely with smart and trusted brands we love to handpick the best STEM toys." The lack of exclusivity could actually be a good thing, since you'll be able to pick up the same toy later on if your kid liked it and it was a kit for a one-off experiment.

Amazon is offering this subscription to kids from three different age groups: kids aged 3-4, kids aged 5-7, and kids aged 8-13. A benefit to these tiers is that Amazon won't have to try and select a toy to fit a large age demographic. Instead, your kid could conceivably move from one subscription to the next over the course of a decade.

While the goal of kids learning while having fun is ultimately a positive one, the best part of this subscription is its consistency. As a kid I always had my head down in a Game Boy, and while my parents would occasionally buy me educational toys, those were typically one-offs.

Having a new toy each month means your kid might actually start looking forward to their subscription arriving, and be encouraged to play with it before the next month's package gets delivered.


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