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Clothing tops gift wishlist for young female Millennials

Younger female Millennials would rather find fashion items under the Christmas tree than jewellery or tech with athleisure beating jewellery, according to a new US survey.

mediapost.com spoke to “hundreds” of women aged 18 to 24, with clothing the top choice for three out of four respondents.

And while they usually buy affordable fast fashion and would be happy to have this as a gift, they look to the Holiday season to also get hold of their favourite brands, which include Rebecca Minkoff, Topshop, and Juicy Couture.

The next favourite gift in the list is cash, while gift cards and make-up/beauty products tie for third place with 50% of respondents hoping to receive these.

If they get gift cards, they would like to spend them at H&M, Forever 21 or even Starbucks, while a Kylie (Jenner) Lip Kit is a key beauty wishlist product.

Younger Millennials are also hoping to receive footwear, travel gifts, and workout clothes with jewellery further down the wishlist.

But while books are also popular gift wishes, tech items have fallen out of favour. New phones and new computers are further down the list, with a new tablet in last place. But Mediapost said this could be as much about such items being seen as essentials that women have to buy immediately, rather than treats that can wait until Christmas.

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