Walmart checking out more digital payment options

Walmart appears to be diving deeper into digital payments.

Last week, the retailer unveiled a partnership with JPMorgan Chase to bring the bank's Chase Paypayment service next year to Walmart.com, the Walmart app and stores using Walmart Pay. This week, a Walmart executive told Reuters the company is in talks with several other mobile wallet providers to offer its customers more digital payment options. Walmart already lets customers pay with PayPal on its website.

A Walmart representative said on Tuesday that the company is already seeing a lot of repeat usage and growing enrollments for Walmart Pay, though didn't say how many customers have used the digital payment service so far.

Walmart's move comes as retailers and payment providers are scrambling to create new and more seamless ways for customers to make payments, whether online or in stores. But so far, these efforts have created a confusing array of options for consumers and haven't yet made completing payments that much easier (except in certain cases like for Uber rides). That's why many customers have so far stuck with plastic cards or cash.

Walmart had helped lead a group of retailers developing a digital payment system called CurrentC, but the service shut down this year. That situation may have caused Walmart to try lining up these new digital payment options.


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