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Amazon tests tech to beat ‘nobody home’ problem for e-tail deliveries

Amazon is testing technology that will give its drivers access to some indoor areas of a person’s home in order to avoid the “we called but you were out” problem that frustrates so many online shoppers.

The Times reported that the tech would allow drivers access to areas like a hallway or garage with Amazon working with two tech firms that specialise in smart locks and connected garage doors.

Full details are not yet available but the newspaper said that shoppers would be allowed to choose “home access” when they pay for their goods, giving delivery drivers a one-time code to unlock a front door.

The test is being conducted with carmaker Daimler as it also involves a “connectivity box” fitted to a car that can then be opened by a delivery driver.

Millions of parcel deliveries annually have to be rescheduled or collected by the purchaser due to nobody being in and last December 30m deliveries failed due to this problem, e-tailer Postboxed claimed.

The newspaper said that the move could also be an eco-friendly one as shoppers will have the option of no packaging due to goods being less likely to be damaged if they are placed safely on the floor that way.


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