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A grocery chain that's a cross between Kroger and Trader Joe's is descending on the US — see

The German supermarket chain Lidl is about to descend on the US.

The chain, which is like a cross between Kroger and Trader Joe's,is planning start opening stores along the East Coast by 2018.

Lidl hasn't revealed how many stores it will open.

However, according to Planned Grocery — a new app launching Tuesday that tracks grocery store development — there are at least 80 Lidl locations under consideration or development spanning from New Jersey to Georgia.

The app, developed by South Carolina startup Beitz and Daigh Geographics, pulls information from local news reports on a weekly basis regarding commercial real estate leasing and site developments by various grocery chains.

According to Planned Grocery, this is where the first Lidl stores will likely open:

Lidl has purchased some of the sites on the map, while others still need final approval by local government, according to David Beitz, co-founder of Beitz and Daigh Geographics.

Lidl did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

North Carolina and Virginia will get the most Lidl stores, according to the Planned Grocery data. The map lists 25 potential sites in North Carolina and 21 in Virginia.


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