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This New Collab Is the Ultimate in Active Style

Fashion's favorite nihilist-slash-designer Jean Touitou has an incredible eye (and sometimes an obnoxious mouth). Under his tutelage, French fashion label A.P.C. has released countless collections of impressive men's and women's wear through the years. But earlier this year, when he personally invested in NYC-based athletic apparel brand Outdoor Voices, we became aware that his eye isn't only tuned to good design in the world of fashion, but sportswear as well.

And today we see how that plays out in real life with the release of the two brands' first collaborative collection of activewear designed for everyday play, dubbed A.P.C.O.V.

In just over two years OV has risen to the top of the athleisure movement with technical apparel for men and women—gear that's equally suited to working out or just looking like you're working out when you're actually going to brunch.

All of this can be seen in A.P.C.O.V. The expansive men and women's collection of "everyday essentials" blends the two brands' mutual love of high-end materials and refined design.

In it you'll find everything from sweats and running shorts to lightweight outerwear, compression tights, and even a couple ball caps. Muted tones and textured fabrics make each piece approachable and versatile while avoiding the near-obligatory neon often seen in the athletic apparel space.

While you may not want to run a marathon in this gear, you're certainly going to look good at the gym or running to catch a cab to brunch. And think about it: Do you really want to run a marathon anyways?

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