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Victoria's Secret just introduced its new Nike killer

Victoria's Secret has announced the arrival of its new athleisure division, Victoria Sport.

On the landing page for the company's website, it divides the company into three categories: Victoria's Secret, Pink, and Victoria Sport.

The company is boasting that, "The world's #1 bra brand just created the world's best sport bras."

On the website for the line, the company blatantly blasts Nike, with a quote from Angel Jasmine Tookes saying, "When I tried these, I threw out all my Nike bras."

The website discusses how these sport bras are different because they come in widths 30-40 and A-DDD, rather than just XS-XL. "If a bra doesn't fit, you won't wear it," the company writes. (The company has been subject to criticism from customers, though, that its sales associates allegedly didn't measure their proper bra sizes.)

The line comes after the news that the company would ax its swimwear category. As BuzzFeedhad reported in April, it was to focus on a new athleisure line.

It appears to be a rebranding of its former section, Victoria's Secret Sport. The Instagram page for Victoria's Secret Sport now instructs shoppers to visit Victoria Sport.

The company has released a video to introduce Victoria Sport, and it boasts how its models work out a lot. There's the dramatic music in the background, as though to suggest that being a Victoria's Secret Angel requires the rigor of an Olympian. The video reminds consumers that they work hard to get their bodies, something that has been central to the company's marketing as of late.

As The Atlantic's Megan Garber pointed out, the brand has been shifting its focus from showcasing its Angels as languidly sexy to athletic and strong. That makes them more appealing to today's consumers, who are more wellness-oriented and therefore would probably prefer see women portrayed as strong rather than simply flouncing about.

"It's about not only being sexy, but being fit [and] strong ... Focusing on the athletic wear is a better fit for the total brand and their 360 vision of the brand than swim," Gabriella Santaniello, analyst and founder of consulting firm A Line Partners, told Business Insider in April.

The company has been in the athleisure game for some time, but it's wise to continue capitalizing on the category. Activewear is one of the few sectors that typically frugal consumers will spend money on.

You can watch the video below:


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