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Back to school for JUST £4: Aldi launches the cheapest school uniform in the UK - and it's 68% c

The summer holidays haven't even begun but supermarkets are already unveiling their school uniform sets ahead of September.

And as any parents knows, the beginning of every term heralds another wedge of cash being spent on new school uniforms - especially in September, when little people have spent the entire summer running about, climbing trees and growing out of the blazers, shoes, polo shirts and skirts that were baggy on them just four months earlier.

Thankfully, supermarkets are on hand, providing affordable alternatives to pricey department store lines, expensive brands and specialist retailers. And this year, Aldi has beaten the rest, offering a basic set for boys and girls of any age for just £4 - the lowest priced supermarket uniform in the UK.

On sale in-store and online from July 14, the £4 price for the uniform package covers all primary school ages (4-11 years) and can be pre-ordered from July 7, meaning parents can have the autumn term all sewn up before the end of the school year.

The package includes two polo shirts, one round neck jumper and either a pair of trousers or a skirt.

As well as trousers, skirts, and sweaters, the uniform range also includes scuff-resistant shoes, socks and tights as well as PE kits and backpacks.In Aldi’s uniform range, part of the retailer’s Specialbuys, a round neck sweater costs just £1.25, a two-pack of plain polo shirts is £1.25 and a school skirt or pair of trousers is £1.50.

For the same items, Tesco currently charges £8.50, meaning parents can save 53 per cent if they shop at Aldi.

Parents shopping at Asda can expect to pay £7.50 when buying a pack of two polo shirts, a round neck sweater and a skirt or trousers.

Sainsbury’s offers the same items - a round neck sweater, a skirt or trousers and a pack of three polo shirts, for £12.50.

Tony Baines, Managing Director for Corporate Buying, said: 'Our £4 uniform offers not only great value but also incredible quality. The price and quality reassurance means we’re giving parents the chance to put aside worries about expensive new uniforms.

'What’s more, they can get everything sorted before the summer holidays even begin – something our customers have told us they love!

'The Aldi school uniform package costs the same across all sizes.'

Matalan also unveiled a cut-price uniform and revealed that their stain resistant schoolwear has been awarded the influential Mumsnet Rated stamp of approval.

In order to qualify for a Rated badge, a product needs to be carefully tested and reviewed by a sample of Mumsnetters, and has to be recommended by at least 75 per cent of the group. The Matalan uniform scored well above average, with 90 per cent of testers saying they would recommend to a friend and 88 per cent saying they would buy it again.

Products that were tested in order to win the award, include a range of pinafore dresses, trousers, shorts and pleated skirts, all with Teflon stain resistant technology which repels water and stains, and restricts stains from absorbing into the fabric.

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