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Forget the Warriors & Cavs, Lets talk Under Armour & Nike!

The Cavaliers brought home the NBA Championship as well as Cleveland's first ever championship. Even though I was rooting for the Warriors, I can't help but have for respect that 93-89 ending score.

Ok ok, NOW lets talk Under Armour and Nike, the clothing rivals of the NBA, as well as other sports, but more NBA for this blog. UA has its Stephen Curry line, and Nike its Lebron James line - see the extent of this whole rivalry

I thought the entire ad was perfect; the message, the mood, and most importantly, the timing. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing ad, and even gave me chills even after seeing it a couple times, but I also see it as joke towards UA. Then again it could be the overanalyzing marketing person in me.

To view the video: thing.https://youtu.be/ZyGL6B7OH5A

While the rivalries between the teams and players is only seasonal, the rivalry between the brands is ongoing. With this victory, I'm confident Lebron's shoe-line sales have increased, while Curry's... not as much. Essentially, Nike also won the championship.

Future of the Brands

I'm really excited to see what the future holds for these powerhouses. Nike is definitely king of the hill right now, but UA, just like the Warriors, has proven, and is still proving, to be the champion underdog of the industry and is coming for that hill. But underdog or not, Nike has also proven why it dominates that hill. So while sports is exciting for some, the sport of business is even more to me. So set your Google Alerts, and lets see this game play out.

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